Worried About Alzheimer’s? Look for These Signs



Alzheimer’s Disease is an insidious disease that can hurt not just the person afflicted but also friends and family who are impacted as the disease progresses.  Although there is not yet a cure for Alzheimer’s, it is still possible to get assistance for those with the disease so that they can maintain their quality of life for as long as possible.

One of the keys to this is early detection.  Watch for these early warning signs of Alzheimer’s Disease:


Memory Loss

The biggest warning sign of Alzheimer’s Disease is memory loss.  This may just be a part of diminished cognitive ability associated with aging, but if a person has significant problems remembering recently learned information or if they cannot remember important dates, then it could be a sign of early onset of Alzheimer’s.


Daily Tasks

Many of us take our daily tasks for granted.  But when a person has Alzheimer’s, they may not remember how to complete these tasks.  This may include how to drive to a familiar location or how to operate the dishwasher or stove.


Losing Things

A person with Alzheimer’s may stop putting things where they normally would. If a person usually places their car keys on a hook in the foyer, they may now start leaving them in the kitchen or laundry room and then not be able to find the items.  The memory loss also prevents them from retracing their steps and they may panic and assume that someone has robbed them.


Mood Swings

The effects of Alzheimer’s Disease can be very frustrating and confusing, so it should come as no surprise if the person developing the disease has wide mood swings.  They may be fine one minute, but become severely frustrated the next because they can’t remember something and become confused or even afraid.


Speaking and Writing

Confusion caused by Alzheimer’s Disease may involve the parts of the brain associated with words.  A person may struggle significantly remembering the right word for something and then become aggravated both at themselves for forgetting and at other people for not understanding them.


If you believe that a loved one is demonstrating these early warning signs of Alzheimer’s Disease, then it is important to get them medical assistance. With early detection, it may be possible to delay some of the more serious issues and help maintain the patient’s quality of life.






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