Why You Should Hire a Seniors Real Estate Specialist

Senior Real Estate Specialist


After living in one home for thirty or more years, many senior citizens are faced with a dilemma—whether to downsize to a more manageable home or consider moving into some kind of assisted living community.

This is not a decision that should be made lightly, and seniors should consult with experts about it.

One such expert is a Seniors Real Estate Specialist – a realtor who has undertaken additional training to advise older homeowners about their current situation and their future needs.

Here’s the type of full service that a Seniors Real Estate Specialist offers:

–  Home Inspection– Selling your home is a major life event. If you choose to stay where you are, a specialist can refer someone who will come out and evaluate your home for safety issues. They will help find problem areas such as cluttered walkways, damaged stairs, and other issues that may need to be fixed if you want to stay at home in safety.

–  Financial Advice– Living on a fixed income is a daunting task for many senior citizens. But a Seniors Real Estate Specialist can help seniors find income assistance from both the government and the private sector. They can help streamline this process so that you don’t spin your wheels trying to deal with paperwork. They can also help you understand the reverse mortgage, a tool that can help you get financial assistance. There are advantages to this refinancing strategy, but also some pitfalls that seniors need to be aware of. A trained specialist can help you navigate these issues.

–  Local Expertise– Seniors Real Estate Specialists are also familiar with the local community when it comes to assisted living homes and geriatric programs. They can assist you in the process of finding these programs and getting them to work best for your needs.

Growing older can leave a senior citizen having to face some difficult problems and important decisions. A Seniors Real Estate Specialist is trained to patiently listen and guide seniors to consider all alternatives and to make informed decisions.

Contact Lee McCue, Certified Senior Housing Professional and Seniors Real Estate Specialist. 303-859-0198, Lee@McTeamProperties.com



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