Top Home Maintenance Tips for Seniors

As you retire and move into your golden years, your home is incredibly important as it is probably going to be the biggest purchase you have made. So, it makes sense for you to take care of this investment.

But home repairs can be costly, especially if you are on a fixed income. If you can do the maintenance and repairs yourself, then you can save yourself a good bit of money.

Here are our top home maintenance tips for seniors, which can really help you out:

  1. Inspect the foundation — The foundation may be one of the most important components of the house. Check around about once a quarter or so to see if there are any major cracks or even minor ones which are getting bigger. Also, if doors won’t close properly or the floors are uneven, this is something you may need to get checked out as it could be a sign of a major problem.
  1. Check your floors — One of the biggest risks for seniors comes with falls. Therefore, you should make sure to inspect your flooring. Check inside and outside flooring to make sure there are no cracks in the tile or concrete. Look for snags or tears in the carpet. If you find snags or cracks, repair this immediately so you don’t trip and seriously injure yourself.
  1. Maintain your roof — This one is risky, so it’s something we recommend you hire out. A new roof can really cost a great deal. So, get a professional to clean out your gutters and inspect your roof to look for damage. If you do want to try your hand at technology or it is unsafe to climb a ladder, you can use a drone to take pictures of your roof to see if it needs repair.
  1. Clean your walls — Regularly wipe down the walls. As you do, inspect them for cracks you can repair on your own. If you notice mildew forming on these walls, contact a professional to schedule a cleaning. Mildew can be related to breathing problems that could compromise your health.

These four areas are essential to inspect on a regular basis. By fixing small problems early on, you can ensure that your home’s issues don’t get worse and cost you even more in the long run.




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