The Difference Between Downsizing and Rightsizing

Rightsizing your home


In the world of business, the term “downsizing” is often a scary euphemism for “cut-backs” and “lay-offs.” Similarly, when older folks are asked to consider “downsizing” their homes, the term may take on a negative connotation. When dealing with seniors, it is important to frame the conversation around the concept of “right-sizing”. This is more than just a change in terminology – it’s also about practicality. Life for a senior is easier and more sensible in a smaller home.


After the Kids Leave

For many of us, our middle years were spent providing a safe and hospitable environment for our families.  But after the kids have left and you’ve retired, that giant house is no longer practical.  If you (and perhaps your spouse) live in a four bedroom, three bathroom house, then it’s time to consider something smaller.  Downsizing, in this case, does not have to mean moving into a studio or one bedroom apartment or even an assisted living home.


Rightsizing Makes Sense

Rightsizing instead focuses on finding the right size home for your needs. If you still have guests staying over, particularly grandchildren, then it may be a good idea to keep a two bedroom, two bathroom home.  The idea here is not to completely cut out everything to the point that you find yourself “trapped” in a tiny condominium or apartment; it involves finding what is the right size for you and your belongings and your circumstances.


Consider A Storage Unit

Rightsizing also doesn’t mean throwing out sixty or more years of memories and possessions.  In a smaller home, it may mean storing some of your keepsakes and non-essentials in a storage unit.  This way, your home will remain safely uncluttered and more organized.


Reaching your senior years doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to say goodbye to your home and belongings as you move into a retirement home. Rightsizing allows for you to adjust your living conditions to find the situation that best fits your lifestyle.



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