Technology for Those Aging in Place



For many senior citizens, moving out of the home you’ve had for years and even decades just isn’t an option. From the personal reasons that you might want to age in place to the financial aspects, it just makes sense to stay in your own home for as long as possible.

Technology is now being created that can help prolong how long a senior can stay in his or her own home. Here’s a sampling of some of the ways this technology can work for you or your loved ones:

  • Identity Theft— One of the biggest areas where senior citizens are vulnerable is with financial fraud and identity theft. Scam alerts for senior citizens seem to be an almost monthly occurrence. One way to combat this is to sign up for an identity theft monitoring plan. This type of service can be used to check for irregularities with a person’s social security number, credit applications, and credit ratings.
  • Robocall Blocker— Another tool at your disposal is to cut down on the number of spam phone calls that you receive. (Such calls are an easy means of stealing a person’s information.) A way to do this is with a blocking app for your phone. Some cellphone providers have their own version of these services or you can choose to download one on your own.
  • Banking Apps— If you are worried about having your identity stolen and your bank account compromised, then you can download an app from your bank or credit card company that alerts you whenever your account is accessed. This would be a good way of tracking your spending and protecting yourself from the con artists.
  • Security Systems— In order to protect yourself and your home, you may want to invest in a motion-detector based security system. There are different types and easily installable cameras that you can view and access from a smartphone. Many security systems also have fire alarms and other types of security systems. You should also consider investing in a remotely monitored emergency device that can be pressed if the senior citizen is in danger and needs 911 assistance.

These are just a sampling of the types of apps and technology that can be used to help secure senior citizens so that they can stay at home longer. By doing this, they are provided with the financial and physical independence that they need.




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