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Why the SECURE Act is Good for Your Retirement

It seems like every year there is a new bill moving through Congress that promises to change the way people deal with retirement. This year, however, one bill is really living up to that hype. The SECURE Act (Setting Every

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Top Home Maintenance Tips for Seniors

As you retire and move into your golden years, your home is incredibly important as it is probably going to be the biggest purchase you have made. So, it makes sense for you to take care of this investment. But

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Why Partnering with a Senior Real Estate Specialist Might Be for You

  As you get older, your needs change when it comes to housing. That large family home with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms is now not necessary once the kids have moved out. But whether you are looking to downsize or

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Will You Be Able to Age in Place?

    One of the dreams for many senior citizens and retirees is that they will be able to age in place, living in their home for as long as possible without having to enter a nursing home or assisted

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Seniors in the Workforce: Benefits & Challenges

  There have been many anecdotal instances of senior citizens working for thirty or forty years to finally reach retirement, only to pass away a few months later. While this is indeed tragic, it does demonstrate something that we’ve known

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What is Senior Cohousing and is it for You?

  One of the biggest issues as we grow older is the sense of isolation that you begin to feel. Once you retire, you no longer have direct contact with your co-workers every day and as friends and family also

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How Not to Spend Your Retirement Money

  One of the scariest aspects of life for most retired folks isn’t their personal health, it’s their financial health. Many people lay awake at night worrying about the prospect of not having enough money set aside to remain comfortable

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When Should Seniors Consider Downsizing?

  The Baby Boomer generation has hit senior citizen status and many of them are finding themselves with houses and properties that are now way too much for their needs. But when, exactly, should a senior citizen consider downsizing their

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How to Prepare for Job-Loss for the 50+ Crowd

  Job loss at any age is something that people often don’t want to think about. But if you are over fifty, it can be downright terrifying. The prospect of getting so close to retirement, only to have to start

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Is a 55+ Community Right for You?

  Once you hit that point where the kids are out of the house and the home is feeling empty, it’s only natural to want to downsize to a smaller space that’s easier to manage. Many people are taking advantage

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