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Celebrating the Holidays as a Senior

    For many of us, the holidays conjure up memories of gathering around the tree, opening presents in our pajamas, settling in to watch the television, and then enjoying a huge family meal until we pass out. But as

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Will You Be Able to Age in Place?

    One of the dreams for many senior citizens and retirees is that they will be able to age in place, living in their home for as long as possible without having to enter a nursing home or assisted

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Why Seniors Should Socialize

Many people fear aging because of some of the portrayals they see on television and the media—the solitary senior, completely cut off from friends and family, aging alone. And while this is a sad reality for some people, for the

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Home Maintenance Tips for Seniors

  As we get older, it naturally becomes more difficult to do some of the tasks and chores that we took for granted for so long. One of those is annual home maintenance. While some may have loved doing this

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Technology for Those Aging in Place

  For many senior citizens, moving out of the home you’ve had for years and even decades just isn’t an option. From the personal reasons that you might want to age in place to the financial aspects, it just makes

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The Impact Seniors Have on Today’s Real Estate Market

  Today, more than any other time in history, people are living longer and this is having an impact on many fields that haven’t had to deal with this in the past. One of those areas is the real estate

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What is Senior Cohousing and is it for You?

  One of the biggest issues as we grow older is the sense of isolation that you begin to feel. Once you retire, you no longer have direct contact with your co-workers every day and as friends and family also

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Are Relationships After Retirement the Key to Happiness?

  For many people, one of the biggest goals in life isn’t to attain wealth or possessions, but to simply find the key to happiness. And after a while, one learns that money and happiness are not intrinsically linked. In

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Advice for Those Aging Alone

Aging is tough, and when you’re doing it on your own, challenges seem to multiply. Aging alone is sometimes a choice, but for others it can be the result of divorce or widowhood. Regardless of the causes, there are strategies

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Does Your Senior Have an Aging in Place Plan?

If you are a senior citizen or are caring for one, then you may have heard of a new term called “Aging in Place.” Also sometimes referred to as an Aging in Place Plan, the term simply means that a

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