Resources for Seniors in Isolation in Denver

Senior in Isolation


Our world has been taken over with news and constant updates about the outbreak of COVID-19, both in the United States and the world. The two most affected populations are the elderly and those with compromised immune systems.

Staying isolated from those who may have the disease and not even know it is especially important for those who are more susceptible to illness. However, isolation can lead to feelings of despair and depression as well as cutting off seniors from supplies.

Here are some resources for those in the Denver area who are impacted by this pandemic:

1. Senior Assistance Center – This group is currently offering services by appointment only. However, they are still providing the following essential services to seniors:

  • Emergency food bags (These will be placed in your trunk if you pull up to the curb);
  • Computer access to apply for jobs, pay bills, and access social security; and
  • Emergency utility help (such as with past-due balances)


2. A Little Help — This organization has been helping seniors for years in the Denver area. Even though the governor has issued a stay-at-home order, volunteers with A Little Help are considered Critical Service so they can continue to serve the needs of senior citizens.

Among these activities offered by their volunteers are things such as delivering groceries and medicines and running other errands. They are also doing all of this while carefully following CDC guidelines for preventing transmission of COVID-19.


3. Other Resources — Another practice that has emerged during this crisis has been the variety of stores that are changing their practices to accommodate those impacted by the virus. Many grocery stores are offering special hours for senior citizens to shop alone so there are fewer people in the store and less chances of coming into close proximity to other shoppers. So that seniors (and others) don’t have to fight for scant supplies, many are also instituting a limit on purchases of items such as sanitary products and food staples such as bread, milk, and eggs.


During this incredibly trying time, many groups are banding together to try and help those who are most impacted by COVID-19. The senior citizen population is at a greater risk due to having weakened immune systems. That is why all seniors should protect themselves and take advantage of these community resources to stay safe.





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