Looking Into Assisted Living? Weighing the Options.

Assisted Living Care


Speaking with a loved one about moving into an assisted living home is a significant decision that confronts many Americans with elderly parents. Seniors may view this change of life as a loss of independence and a downturn in the quality of life; this shouldn’t be the case at all.  While there may be some concerns about moving into an assisted living home, there are also numerous advantages that counterbalance these concerns.  The important thing is to examine both sides before making this decision.


Advantages of Assisted Living

Some benefits come with the decision to move into an assisted living situation.  These include:

– Having a smaller living space: that means less worry about cleaning and upkeep!

– Onsite professional caregivers can assist with things such as eating and dressing.

– There is a higher level of independence and privacy than living with family members or in a nursing home.

– There are many opportunities to socialize with others of similar age.


Concerns About Assisted Living

Moving into an assisted living home is a big change, no doubt about it. While there are advantages for most seniors, assisted living may not be the best situation for some older adults. Some concerns that should be discussed:

– For those suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s, the assisted living home may not offer enough supervision and assistance as a full nursing home.

– There may be some limits to the freedom experienced while living alone.

– Assisted Living homes can be expensive and perhaps not the best option for those on a fixed income.


While there are many high quality assisted living facilities available, a full discussion of the advantages and concerns must be undertaken before making this important decision. Weighing the options with an open mind and a positive attitude will go a long way towards making this transition a successful one.



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