Embracing Technology for the Senior Crowd

seniors and technology

There’s a very common misconception that senior citizens don’t know how to handle technology. Unfortunately, when you compare their knowledge with that of younger generations, this may be true. Most Seniors are hesitant to try out new technologies, either because they feel uncomfortable or because they lack the discretionary funds to invest in the latest gadgets.

Now, we aren’t suggesting that grandma should learn coding so she can program a website. But there are many technological inventions that seniors should embrace, including:

  • Wireless Internet—If you’re still using a dial-up modem with a landline, then your connection will not be fast enough to handle the technology listed here. You should definitely upgrade to wireless Internet so that you can enjoy everything that the World Wide Web has to offer.
  • Smartphones—Since we mentioned the landline, it’s time to finally ditch that house phone. Landlines are an expense that just doesn’t make sense, especially with cheap cellphone options, many offering more reasonable rates and better features with apps such as GPS.
  • Skype and Facetime—The concept of video calls have been in the realm of science fiction for years, but now they’re actually quite common. Seniors with grandchildren can now catch up with them over the phone and actually see how much they’ve grown since the last time they saw them in person.
  • Security Monitoring—Too often, seniors are the victims of crimes such as break-ins. By installing security monitoring for your home, including exterior video cameras and motion sensors, you can keep yourself safer than ever before.
  • eBook Readers—Many senior citizens love spending their retirement catching up on all the reading they’ve meant to do over the years. With eBook readers such as an iPad or Kindle, you can take your entire library with you. Also, many public libraries are now offering free eBook downloads and also free audiobooks, for those who may have trouble seeing.

Seniors should not be afraid of technology. Though it may seem like embracing technology requires a steep learning curve, if you take the time you will find that many of these new innovations actually do make your life easier.





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