Does Your Senior Have an Aging in Place Plan?

aging in place

If you are a senior citizen or are caring for one, then you may have heard of a new term called “Aging in Place.” Also sometimes referred to as an Aging in Place Plan, the term simply means that a senior citizen is entitled to stay in their home of choice for as long as is physically and safely possible.

Since your loved one is living in the setting of their choosing, they will have access to all of the things they may need or want because they’re used to having them. Aging in place does not mean that a person just ignores problems or limitations that may come with growing older; instead, it involves planning and adapting for these issues.

Here’s what you need to know about how to develop such a plan:

Start As Soon As Possible

Begin by writing out a plan of what you want to do when you grow older. It also means to take the financial and practical steps that are necessary to make this type of lifestyle a reality.

Examine The Limitations

For many senior citizens, the body and the mind have already begun to demonstrate frailties that can impede the ability to be independent. This can include less physical strength and endurance, higher susceptibility to falls and broken bones, mental confusion and irritability, and decreased eyesight and flexibility.

As part of your plan, you need to look at the issues you can correct, such as reducing clutter and moving furniture to help with balance and the ability to walk from room to room without fear of an accident.

Be Practical

Another thing you need to do is make a firm declaration of what will be your endpoint. At what point are you no longer going to fight going into a nursing home and who will be tasked with making that decision? This will involve a carefully crafted sit-down with your loved ones to decide your wishes.


Studies have shown that senior citizens do better physically if they are allowed to stay in their homes for as long as possible before having to move to a care facility. By postponing such a move and developing an Aging In Place Plan, seniors are sure to get the added psychological benefits of familiar surroundings as they get older.



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