Why Seniors Should Socialize

seniors socializing

Many people fear aging because of some of the portrayals they see on television and the media—the solitary senior, completely cut off from friends and family, aging alone. And while this is a sad reality for some people, for the majority it is not the case. Nor should it be.

One of the reasons why retirement communities are so popular is that they keep seniors active in a social setting. They have activities they can do with others their age and they can be more involved, even after retirement. Recent studies have backed up the importance of this socialization with many benefits that come from it.

Here are some of the benefits for senior socialization:

Physical Health

There are multiple physical benefits to socialization. These include:

– Depression and Anxiety — Many people, especially seniors, who don’t get out and socialize suffer from serious depression. Being social helps you to release tension and alleviate these symptoms as well as the symptoms of anxiety associated with aging.

– Healthier Heart — In keeping with the reduction in stress that helps with depression, seniors also can see benefits in cardiovascular function. Untoward stress can cause a strain on your heart and your immune system. Also, if you are getting out and active with others, then you are working your heart a little more than you might be if you just sat on the couch at home.

Cognitive Health

Another area that socialization helps with is mental and cognitive health. As people age, things like memory and mental processing start to decline. Alzheimer’s and dementia are two horrible conditions that can attack seniors. But socialization has shown to stimulate the brain to such an extent that seniors have been able to stave off this degradation of mental abilities.

The Benefits of Being Social as You Age is Clear

For seniors, it is important to get out and socialize. There are so many physical and mental benefits that can help you prevent different conditions that can rob you of a happy retirement.





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