What’s in Your Toolbox? A Guide for New Homeowners

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When it comes time to move into your new home, you’ll likely have a to-do list of fixes and changes you want to complete. Even if you don’t have any major renovations on your wish list, you will still want to make your new house feel like home by adding some personal touches.

You can get settled in your new home even quicker with the right tools on hand. But what tools do you need? If you are looking to stock up on some of the most necessary pieces of equipment, or if you are looking for a housewarming present for a new homeowner, here’s what should be in everyone’s toolbox.


The Basics

One of the most important tools for any homeowner is a screwdriver. You are going to want a variety of them–Phillips, flathead, and screwdrivers with interchangeable heads.

Next, you will want a tape measure and other tools for proper measurement such as a level and a combination square. These will be needed for hanging pictures and shelving.

You will also need at least one hammer, preferably one that is relatively lightweight and balanced properly for easy use. You can’t use your hammer without nails! We suggest a nail and/or screw set that has a variety of sizes to choose from.

Finally, invest in a good set of pliers and wrenches, especially ones that are adjustable.


More Power

Once you have the basics covered, it’s time to think about power tools. Perhaps the best investment you will ever make is a good power drill. This not only helps to bore into wood and other materials, but it can also double as an electric screwdriver which will save you time and sore muscles. If you get a decent brand with the right power, your jobs will be much smoother. Make sure that you also invest in a good power cable/extension cord.


Safety First

You should be sure that your toolbox includes safety gear like goggles to protect your eyes. Even if you wear glasses, you should get goggles that fit over them to protect you from flying debris. If you plan to work outdoors a lot, you might want to invest in a supply of surgical masks that can help block allergens from getting into your nostrils.


Yard Work

If your new home features an expansive yard, then you are going to need some outdoor equipment, too. Invest in a shovel, rake, pick, and ax. You will also want a good water hose and a wheelbarrow for transporting clippings or plants. If you need to reach the high points of your house (indoors or out) you will also need a sturdy ladder. For taking care of your yard, a lawnmower and leaf blower are good investments. If you have a green thumb, some garden shears and a small trowel will make your life a lot easier.


Moving to a new place can seem overwhelming, but if you have the right tool for the job, your house will feel like a home in no time.









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