The Keys to Aging with Grace and Dignity

George Carlin


Comedian George Carlin once famously said that he wasn’t getting old, but instead, he was getting “older” because it sounded like it lasted longer.  But getting older isn’t something that you have to fear.  In fact, by taking the time for the following steps, you will find that it is possible to get older with grace and dignity so you can truly enjoy and appreciate your golden years.


Stay Active

One of the biggest misconceptions for seniors is that aging means they have to give up being active; this is far from the case.  Staying active with just a bit of light exercise will help you feel healthier and raise your quality of life.  Exercise doesn’t have to be a massive workout or cardio-aerobics.  Even something as simple as getting out and weeding the garden can help you expend some calories while also staying limber and active.


Get Calm

Another way to help with aging gracefully is through meditation.  Many seniors become anxious about different things:  health, disease, money, family.  But by turning towards meditation, you can relax your body and your mind and be more in-tune with your surroundings.  This doesn’t have to be hours of Buddhist style meditation in the lotus position.  Even just five or ten minutes a day of deep breathing and guided mindfulness can help relax you and ease the tensions associated with aging.


Read More

As seniors enter retirement, they are often faced with wondering what to do with their time.  One thing that can help you stay mentally sharp is merely taking the time to read. Now is a great time to sit down and tear through those books you said you would read one day when you had the time. Add in a book club discussion, and you create a social aspect to this activity. Reading and socializing will help keep your mind limber and more active and stave off symptoms associated with senile dementia and confusion.


While many us don’t want to get older, it is an inevitable fact of life.  However, by having the right mindset, you can find that it is possible to enjoy your senior years with a grace and dignity that helps you truly appreciate them.


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