The Benefits of Becoming a Lifelong Learner

lifelong learning


Many people believe that once they leave school with a degree or diploma, they are finished with learning.  But many people, however, are realizing that this just isn’t realistic. Even if you don’t take into account learning about all of the new innovations in the world, there are still many opportunities to learn about something every day.  In fact, taking the time to learn something new can be very beneficial to you in a variety of ways.


Let’s look at some of the benefits of becoming a lifelong learner:


For those who haven’t yet retired, the idea of learning more can actually have an economic benefit.  It is very rare in this era that a person stays in the same business for thirty or forty years until retirement.  By learning more and studying during your adult years, you make yourself more marketable to other careers and have a better chance of advancing and earning more money.


Another area of benefit for lifelong learning is in the cognitive benefits that it provides.  Studies have shown that doing activities such as reading, studying, and even working logic-based puzzles can help to stave off dementia in your later years.  It helps with general memory development and the ability to think critically about the world around you.


Yet another benefit is the social aspect of learning.  When you learn in a group, let’s say in a book club, then you are not just learning in isolation, but you are able to discuss ideas and learn from those around you.  This allows you to create a circle of friends with whom you share similar interests.  In addition, the more knowledgeable that you are, the more able you will be able to connect with those around you, improving your social life.


Finally, the more you learn, the better you feel about yourself.  This isn’t smugness brought on by intellect. It means that you actually will feel better about yourself as a person, with improved self-esteem because of your personal accomplishments and success.


The benefits of becoming a lifelong learner are plentiful and varied. By picking up a book, taking a class, or studying a new topic, you are expanding your world.



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