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We all tend to think of our parents as being strong, able, and capable of taking care of themselves forever. Unfortunately, as our parents age, they develop issues that need to be addressed; one of the biggest concerns is their physical safety inside their homes.

Accidents in the home are a leading cause of death among senior citizens in this country. Seniors are more susceptible to these issues because of weakened muscles and fragile bones. It’s necessary to make sure that your parent’s living quarters have been made safe for their lifestyle. Here’s how to do just that:

Ask a Pro

One of the first things you need is an in-home assessment by a certified professional. An occupational or physical therapist can visit the home and give you a detailed breakdown of any concerns you may have as well as suggestions on how you can fix these. Call your primary care physician and see if he or she has a recommendation for who can perform this task for you.

How to Prevent Falls

Falls are one of the biggest dangers for senior citizens. In order to ensure that home is safe for your loved ones, make the following small fixes now:

– Move as many things as possible to the bottom floor to prevent the need for stairs. You can also consider installing a chairlift.

– Get rid of throw rugs and chairs with casters so that they cannot trip over them.

– Make sure that all stairways have sturdy handrails and place non-skid treads on the steps to help with traction.

– Buy rubber-backed mats for the bathroom and install non-skid treads in the tub and shower.

– Clear out the clutter. Lots of small furniture, electrical cords, and other items get in the way and create tripping hazards.

Other Safety Concerns

Fires are also a big concern, especially if your loved ones are trying to prepare their own meals. Buy a fire extinguisher for the kitchen and make sure that all of the rooms have a smoke detector installed.

It’s fairly simple to make over a home so that it is safe for aging parents. By making a few simple fixes as soon as possible, you can feel good about the safety of your loved ones in their own homes.



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