Is Your Home Secure? A Checklist for Seniors

Home Security

There’s an old adage that a person’s home is their castle.  Well, we only wish that our homes today were as secure as some of those medieval buildings. No, we aren’t suggesting you install giant walls or motes to keep out intruders.  But since seniors, unfortunately, are seen as easy targets, they are at particular risk of being the victims of crime.  That’s why it is important to go through your home to make sure that it is secure.



First and foremost, lock your doors every time you enter or exit your home and double-check them every night. Regardless of how safe a neighborhood may seem, there is always going to be crime lurking.  To make sure that you stay safe, have a new door installed with safety features, including a peephole so you can see outside and a deadbolt lock that requires a key to lock it.  Also, make sure that the door is heavily reinforced so that it is harder for home intruders to kick in.



Once again, make sure that you keep these locked unless you are airing the house out for a few hours while you are at home. Also, be sure that the windows are reinforced with the most durable safety glass on the market.



Cellphones can be a lifeline for senior citizens. Get into the habit of keeping your phone with you at all times.  That way, if someone does try to break in, you can call 911 immediately.  This is also a great benefit if you are walking around in your yard and injure yourself.


Security System

Now is an excellent time to invest in a home security system.  This can include the typical motion detectors that go off if a door is opened or someone is walking around in the house when you aren’t home.  But it can also include security cameras (a great resource if someone is targeting you by stealing your mail) and security lights.  Burglars will often skip over homes if they are well-lit, obviously protected and move on to the next house.


When you get older, one of the things that you have to focus on is your health.  But part of this health consciousness is also making sure that you are safe in your own home. By going through this checklist, you are ensuring that you stay safe.


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