How To Keep Your Home Safe

Everyone likes to feel safe. This is a common statement, yet sometimes the necessary precautions aren’t taken to ensure the safety of homes. Whether you’re relaxing in your room or relaxing on vacation, these tips will help deter burglars and keep you and your family safe.

Keep your Home Safe

Keep BIG purchases under wraps. While it might not be something we usually consider, putting out a new television boxes, or lots of shopping bags can be a direct signal letting burglars know of an expensive item. Rather than putting the whole box on the curb, try taking it to a recycling plant or cutting/ripping them apart.

Keep your yard maintained. No, this isn’t someone trying to nag you – this is a real tactic. When bushes and trees in the front yard become overgrown, they create automatic concealment for criminals. Keeping your house well lit, fences locked, and yard trimmed will help deter criminals. Who knew curb appeal was for more than just looking good?

Virtual pets are for more than keeping company. Something that deters a burglar pretty quickly is the sound of an angry, snarling dog. Even if you don’t own a dog or the dog you do own couldn’t scare away a mouse, having a growling dog is useful. This virtual pet can be multiple things: a CD of a barking dog on a continuous loop, motion detector noises, even something as easy as a dog bowl or the “Beware of dog” sign.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. This is one of the greatest reasons to get to know your neighbors! If you’re going out of town or just want someone looking out, talk to your neighbors or establish a community watch program for your neighborhood. Being vigilant can be fun in groups.


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