Home Maintenance Tips for Seniors

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As we get older, it naturally becomes more difficult to do some of the tasks and chores that we took for granted for so long. One of those is annual home maintenance.

While some may have loved doing this when younger, it is just more difficult (and in some cases dangerous) to climb up on the ladder to do some of these jobs. Here are tips you should take to heart before you start your next home maintenance job as a senior citizen:


  1. Outsource the essentials — There are three areas that you need to check at least once every year: the roof, the walls, and the foundation. The roof of your home should be inspected every spring after the winter storms are finished. If you have very serious storms, you should do this more often. The walls of your home (both inside and outside) should be inspected for cracks and holes. And the foundation should also be looked over for cracks or evidence of weakness. But the best thing you can do for these projects is to outsource it. Hire professionals who will be able to do the heavy climbing or crawling under the house that your body can’t handle anymore.
  1. Floor Repair — One of the biggest hazards for seniors is falling. As you age, your bones become more brittle and a fall that might have hurt in your 30s can now land you in the hospital. As such, you need to do regular maintenance on your floors and walkways to ensure that there are no falling hazards. Look for tears in the carpet that may snag you as you walk, warped or weak planks on wooden patios and decks, or cracks in the concrete of outdoor walkways. If you notice any of these, have them repaired immediately.
  1. Security Maintenance — Another area of concern for senior citizens is security. You need to do a thorough check of your home to ensure that it is secure and stays that way. Burglars often see seniors as “easy targets” and go after them first. As such, make sure that you routinely check your windows and doors to ensure that they lock properly. If any are loose, then tighten them up so that they are secure. Also, consider adding a home security system. Don’t forget to replace the batteries in your smoke detectors every three to four months.


Once you become a senior citizen, a lot of the activities you took for granted are now harder to do. This includes home maintenance. But there are some areas, especially when it comes to personal safety, that should not be ignored. If you cannot afford to hire an outside contractor to help you, consider contacting local senior centers or church groups who may be able to assist you on a voluntary basis.





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