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Your 2020 Guide to Avoiding Scams and Fake News for the Senior Crowd

  One thing you have to look out for as a senior is the scam or con artist. As we get older, our mind begins to play tricks on us and there are plenty of crooks who are willing to

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Top Home Maintenance Tips for Seniors

As you retire and move into your golden years, your home is incredibly important as it is probably going to be the biggest purchase you have made. So, it makes sense for you to take care of this investment. But

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Will You Be Able to Age in Place?

    One of the dreams for many senior citizens and retirees is that they will be able to age in place, living in their home for as long as possible without having to enter a nursing home or assisted

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Home Maintenance Tips for Seniors

  As we get older, it naturally becomes more difficult to do some of the tasks and chores that we took for granted for so long. One of those is annual home maintenance. While some may have loved doing this

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Technology for Those Aging in Place

  For many senior citizens, moving out of the home you’ve had for years and even decades just isn’t an option. From the personal reasons that you might want to age in place to the financial aspects, it just makes

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How Seniors Should Adjust Their Smartphones

  When it comes to handling new technology, seniors often deal with a reputation as being clumsy or confused. Admittedly, technology is changing so rapidly that it’s hard to keep up with all of the updates and upgrades at any

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Embracing Technology for the Senior Crowd

There’s a very common misconception that senior citizens don’t know how to handle technology. Unfortunately, when you compare their knowledge with that of younger generations, this may be true. Most Seniors are hesitant to try out new technologies, either because

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